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Librato is a monitoring service that makes it simple for data driven companies to measure metrics at all levels of the stack. The service is built around an open, RESTful API. Librato works with open source collection agents and language bindings that make it easy to send data to the API where the data is stored in a scalable, redundant data store designed specifically for time series data. Once the data is in our system, users can pull up graphs, create custom correlations, build dashboards and set alerts, all in one unified environment.

Free Trial


  • 30 day free trial
  • Fully featured

Librato Production

Starting at $5/mo

  • As many metrics as you need (pay per use)
  • No resolution restrictions for metrics
  • One year retention
  • Unlimited dashboards
  • Unlimited collaborators
  • Unlimited alerts
  • Unlimited annotation streams
  • Email and live chat support

Librato Developer


  • 100 metric @ 60s resolution
  • 1 day retention
  • One dashboard
  • 10 alerts
  • 2 annotation streams
  • “Best effort” support
This code snippet assumes you are using Bundler.

modify your Gemfile

 gem 'librato-metrics'
 gem 'ey_config'

setup metrics (in an initializer)

  EY::Config.get('librato-metrics', 'LIBRATO_METRICS_USER'), 
  EY::Config.get('librato-metrics', 'LIBRATO_METRICS_TOKEN'))

submit metrics (for example)

Librato::Metrics.submit :my_metric => 42

For more information see the Librato Metrics Documentation.

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